a networking group built to support independent women
we encourage our ladies to be active in their field, use our environment to network and collaborate on creative projects, and to gain a greater sense of self love and confidence when stepping into their work field. We host monthly meetings that include vision boarding and goal setting, collaborating with creative women, panel talks, and much more! we will also exercise our entrepreneurial skills during continual Gurl 2 Girl pop-ups.
Founded by Maliyah Mayfield
Our Members:
Atlanta, Georgia Team

Angel Essence LV by Tenesha McCulloch
Bag Lady Branding Agency by
Iannah James-Smith
Beauty Unveiling by
Chetta Davis
Brand Ambassador by
Mikayla Mayfield
Candles 4 the Culture by
Demetria Fitzgerald
Gleam Eyewear by
Eva Lester
Goddess Skin & Body by
Destiny Fomby
Hello Gorgeous Boutique by
Kim Fredrickson
High Vibe Sentiments by
Teesha Borum
Jessica Denae Art by
Jessica Carr
Jortene’ Arts by
Shara Watson
Kalua Rae LLC by
Maliyah Mayfield (Founder)
Knot Earth by Jamila
Aisha Miller
Kraffee Letterpress Boutique & Kitchen by
Erika Grajales
Ce’Erica Allen
Frugal Snob LLC by
Danielle Webb
Love N Lifting by
Mariah Spady
Lynk Art by
Jaslyn Tate
Mo’ Betta Botanicals by
Jessica Slater
Nile Yang Photographics by
Nile Gonzalez
Lee Wallace
Pardons by
Marla Ramirez
Pretti Aminah Products by
Aminah Fahmeed
RMB Apparel by
Raquel Osby
S Dot Jewelry by
Allison Hickey
Studio 23 Atlanta by
Amberly Hui Hood
Tambi Designs by
Tiera Ndolvu
The Creative Folks by
Tammy Huynh
The Dore Collective by
Kahiah Polidore
This is Jamila Music by
Jamila Aisha Miller

Brooklyn, New York Team
Ani + Co by Britta’ny Bernier
AnyUnisex by Britta’ny Bernier
Brand Ambassador by Jacinda Chaney
DJene Designs by Danielle Christian
Dream Star Cosmetics by Ericka Hackett
FaiFai Doodles by Megan Mccormick
Not Your Blaxk Barbie by Shade Alcine
PRU Apparel by Ebonique Hewing
Teadipity by Ultranese Whitaker

The Squad

say hello to our ladies behind the scenes

Maliyah Mayfield – President and Founder of Gurl 2 Girl | & Owner of Kalua Rae LLC

@alohamaliyah β™‘


Britta’ny Bernier – New York Team Lead | & Owner of Ani + Co / AnyUnisex

@_anyani β™‘

Mikayla Mayfield – G2G College Recruiter & Representative | & Social Media Brand Ambassador

@mikaylaanicoleee β™‘


Nile Gonzalez – G2G Representative | & Owner of Nile Boheme/Nile Yang Photographics

@NileYang β™‘